Our master distillers set out to craft an elegant spirit that would honor tradition, yet yield a more civilized experience. Our goal was to create a smooth gin which could be enjoyed neat, or on the rocks, yet with enough character and flavor to make a specialty cocktail explode. It took two years and countless recipes to create a spirit that we were proud to put our name on. Our patience paid off as we were honored with a Gold Medal at the 2017 Denver International Spirits Competition. 

Each batch of MTN GIN is handcrafted using only the finest botanicals Colorado has to offer, blended with fresh citrus zest, and finished off with spring water that comes from pure Rocky Mountain snowmelt. MTN GIN takes a more subtle approach to the juniper component, focusing more on the floral and citrus elements.

MTN GIN is light and lively, pairing well with citrus based sodas and fruit juices, as well as enhancing your favorite classic cocktail.

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