Our Story

We have spent most of our lives in the Vail Valley, showcasing its many wonders to visitors from around the world. What we often hear is people wish they could take a piece of this place home with them.

Because of this, we set out to cultivate, activate, and celebrate the spirit of life in the Rocky Mountains - and all over the world. We express the exceptional nature of this altitude; distilling it into imaginatively conceived, intricately crafted, culturally informed, world-class liquors.

Our first effort was focused on MTN GIN™. The team spent two years tinkering, testing and tasting. No stone was left unturned to find the finest botanicals and spring water that Colorado has to offer. An untold number of hours have been spent macerating, distilling, blending, and hosting taste tests to achieve the masterpiece that is MTN GIN. In 2017, our hard work paid off and MTN GIN received a gold medal at the Denver International Spirits Competition. Hopefully the first of many prestigious awards for MTN Distillers.

We believe in giving credit where its due, it’s been a blessing to have the friends and family who have helped and encouraged us along the way. We wouldn’t be where we are without the amazing network we have lifting us up. So, thanks to you all.



The “M” of MTN, Raoul Mejia:

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Raoul grew up with a grandfather who was the executive chef of a merchant marine ship, and Raoul’s first culinary mentor. His “Abuelito” taught him to appreciate the value of putting your heart into what you make. Learning to cook as a child created the foundation carrying Raoul through a culinary education which took him around America, and to Italy and back. Having spent his entire adult life in the Food and Beverage industry, Raoul finally realized a dream of opening his own restaurant, which was the wildly popular La Scala, in Eagle, Colorado. The journey continued from there and brought him to his partnership in MTN Distillers.

The “T” of MTN, Tiffany Truitt Neal:

Originally from Texas, Tiffany moved to the mountains of Colorado shortly after graduating from The University of Texas in Austin. Whenever asked why she moved to Colorado she replies, “I spent my whole life living in HOT climates, I finally just sat up one day and decided I wanted to live someplace that had four complete seasons. I packed up my car that week, hopped in, and took off for the mountains.” Coming from a serial entrepreneur family, it didn’t take her long to start her first company, and with the creation of MTN Distillers, this makes her fifth start-up business.  Tiffany is the hub for the trio, and the hub of the business, a balancing act between people and administration that she has perfected over the years.

The “N” of MTN, Gregor Neal:

Growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, Gregor would never have guessed in his wildest dreams that he would become an American, and be a liquor distiller. In the early stages of creating the distilling company, Gregor’s sister, who is an avid genealogist, discovered that way back in the family history, his ancestors were one of the first liquor distillers in Australia, so I guess you can say it’s in the genes. The skiing industry is what originally brought Gregor to the United States, but 30 years later he is returning to his roots! 

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